Kratom: Good for Focus

KRATOM is Good for FocusKratom is good for many health benefits but what many don’t know is that it also works to help you focus. The energy effect from Kratom is described as being similar to a good nap, so it makes sense that the effects seen from Kratom would be much like the effects you would see from taking a good power nap: energy, pain relief, euphoria, and focus.

I first noticed the focus effects when taking an exam in one of my classes. I personally have used Kratom to help with headaches and energy for my early morning classes and never really noticed how it would help me focus until I had a huge exam in my worst subject Biology. Many college students experience the fatigue barrier in our brain when trying to complete an assignment or even test and sometimes it doesn’t matter how much studying you’ve done, your head just feels cloudy and it’s almost impossible to focus.

The day of my Biology exam I barely got any sleep and went through my usual routine of breakfast and Kratom to help wake me up and get me prepared. When I sat down to take my test the knowledge began to flow! It was a nice feeling, I was so focused that everything felt clear and it was easy for me to recall a lot of the things I had learned over the past couple months.

I normally am not a very focused person. I have to force myself to pay attention a lot of the time and feel my mind wandering a lot. I am not clinically diagnosed with a disorder so I know it’s just me, but it does have me thinking that Kratom could definitely work well for people with a disorder such as ADD or ADHD. Many people with these disorders know the struggle of trying to stay focused on one particular task or item. Kratom helps to keep your brain from that fogging over bearing feeling and provides energy that helps you feel refreshed and focused.